Acoustic Jazz Performance


Welcome to "My Thin Place"

Our music ranges from Jazz Standards out of the American songbook, to more open jazz styles with space for improvisation and color. We are a Jazz Consort, performing both original works, and the music of other artists

Lots of people ask about our name "My Thin Place" - Ancient people believed that there were special places on Earth where Heaven and Earth were closer together.  These so called "thin places" were where angels ascended and descended from Heaven, and where one felt closest to the creator. I called our jazz consort "My Thin Place" because playing Jazz takes me to a place - a frame of mind - where I am filled with joy, and all my earthly problems fade away for a while.  So - for this reason - playing Jazz is truly "My Thin Place". My hope for you is that you find your own personal "thin place" and that you too are filled with joy. 

D. DeVos  


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My Thin Place plays Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts 2017

We totally enjoyed playing at the City of Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts in 2017.  Here is a clip from that performance.

Timeless by John Abercrombe

We love this song - it's a great jazz anthem.

Killer Joe

A jazz standard recorded at the Sandy Point Beach House in Port Sheldon, MI